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Power. Through.

TIL: I am a 2 with a biwing of 1 and 3

Very interesting on how fitting these enneagrams are to me:

Center: Two

Bi-wing: One Three


Whats your number?

Taiwan posts – Paused!

Due to a lack of stable internet capabilities and an increase of free time to romp around Taipei, I will most likely postpone the last few Taiwan posts until after I return to Amurrica.

Speaking of America: Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was spent with friends and/or family!

Now, time to frolick around Taipei. Naked. Just kidding. Its much too cold for that.


Oh boy.

Here we go, here we go again.


If you just realize what I just realized,
Then we’d be perfect for each other
And will never find another
Just realize what I just realized
We’d never have to wonder if
We missed out on each other now.

Dear God,

Thank you for Owl City.




Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen.

6 AM

So I went running this morning to the Xiang River and I have got to say, my hometown looks a lot nicer 6 AM in the morning.

Its not so much that all of a sudden the pollution went away and the sun was shining brightly through, but more of a “wow, there aren’t a bajillion people on the streets.” There were some middle aged people up for early morning exercises, some high school students going to school early for all the prep classes they have to take, and that was about it. It even surprised me how nice and orderly the pedestrian shopping center looked.

I don’t know, maybe I’m still bitter from having to squeeze out of an elevator when I came back a few summers ago.


– 《艋舺》