10 Post-Exam To Do’s

So now that the crazy spring exam season has ended, I think its time to make some plans to make the most of the short hiatus before the next one comes.

1) Restart P90X.

Okay, no more excuses about not being able to do it because I live in an apartment and someone lives below me. I definitely want to keep this one going. Lets do this.

2) Shift my work schedule from 7AM – 4PM

This is going to be pretty difficult as I have already gotten used to late night random pointless browsing on the internet. However, getting in early and leaving early is gonna do wonders for all the things I want to accomplish in this time.

3) Join the Concord Table Tennis Club

I seriously have been wanting to do this for a whole year now. I have no idea why I haven’t yet. I need to get out there and meet new people and play ping pong. Book it.

Oh yeah, now that I have a garage, time to get a ping pong table. Woo.

4) Play more basketball

I want to join a league or something. Or maybe find a place near my house where I can play randomly at night. Or maybe figure out how I can put up a hoop in my backyard.

5) Work more

Yes, this might sound crazy, but I definitely want to work more. We’re going through new product development at work (which happens maybe 1 in every 10-20 years in an insurance company) and I definitely want to do as much as I can. Furthermore, it is fairly rare when your vision for the product’s future aligns with that of upper management – so now its time to take that support and run with it and make something great.

6) Study more frequently

Because unanticipated events = GG

7)  Get a dog

Can’t let that “huge” hill backyard go to waste!

My mom’s take on this: “Don’t get a dog! Its such a huge time commitment and so expensive! You should go to Berkeley on the weekends and get a girlfriend!” Since when did girlfriends become cheaper than dogs?

8) Read

Read books, read magazines, read the new yorker, read the economist, read self-help books, read statistics textbooks, read actuarial research papers, read whatever. I feel like I’m missing out on so much information by not getting in the habit of just reading 40-50 pages each day.

9)  Explore more

Now that I know I’m staying put for the next couple of years, time to figure out whats around me. While on the surface it seems like this is just boring old suburbia, there are actually so many things to do around here. That, coupled with convenient transportation around the bay = ADVENTURE TIME.

10) Decorate my place

Furniture, designs, yardwork, etc etc. This is going to be a long project, but I think its time to get started.

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