The Evolution of My Bed

So I finally moved into my new house, after much struggling for the past 2 weeks of moving, dealing with contractors, cleaning, etc. As I was assembling my bed, I just realized how fast I managed to make it. Thinking back, I vaguely recall all the times that I moved this old piece of junk…

1) I just got this bed the summer after my freshman year of college. I remember I didn’t really have much of a preference except I wanted something larger than the twin XL beds they made us sleep on in the dorms. At that time, I just moved to a place on Francisco (yeah, I bet even most Berkeley kids won’t know where that is – it was pretty far) and had IKEA ship it me. The day when i got it, it was an all out furniture build-fest. I remember this bed being particularly difficult due to the retarded design of how to affix it to the headboard. It took David, Danny and me a good 1.5 hours filled with colorful curses before we got it down. Finally, a bigger bed.

2) Sophomore year passed by like a blur and it was time to move out. I joined the SLC that year and met someone who actually lived close to me, Ran. After bumming at his place watching basketball with his roommates a couple of times, he agreed to help me move at the end of the school year. Now this was truly the most hilarious move ever. Kevin, my future roommate, decided to come help out. We got so tired of moving things up and down the stairs (I used to live on the 3rd floor) that Ran suggested we toss my foam mattress down from the 3rd floor and he would catch it. Needless to say, we threw it. He did not catch it, I don’t think he even tried. As for the bed, we decided to move it down as is, with the headboard removed. This beast scratched that staircase pretty badly, leaving black marks everywhere. Probably should’ve taken it apart.

3) After sleeping on it for 2 more years (and surviving a room change between me and Kevin), I found a job up in Vallejo and had to take it up north. Lawrence’s dad helped me move all my junk up there via van into the new house. At that time, it was pretty exciting. The house seemed big enough to actually do something in and I was gonna spend some time chilling with Lawrence while doing some actuarial work. Didn’t quite work out though as Lawrence decided to continue bumming around Berkeley (LOL) and I moved into the house in the back. I did manage to get some actuarial work experience, but it was in pension. Dark, dark days.

4) Then, due to a miraculous twist of luck, I got a job offer from AAA (they called me about applying one random morning at 9AM – I’m pretty sure I ended that conversation with “good night”). So lo and behold, I borrowed my boss’s minivan and moved my bed and other larger stuff down to Walnut Creek. This move took me 5 trips with my small camry, but it was pretty relaxing figuring I didn’t try to do everything at once. Life was getting better!

5) Finally, I am at where I am now. After one exciting year at AAA, I decided to buy a house in Concord and stay for the long haul. I saw the opportunity and the appeal, why not stay for the ride? So after battling through studying for exams, getting a contractor to repaint and refinish my floors, I finally moved my bed in (one of the last things I moved from my old apartment – since I needed a place to sleep). Now what originally took 3 guys 1.5 hours to build, took me a measely 5 minutes to finish. What a journey it has been. Throughout college, through multiple moves, I’ve always had to rebuild this bed. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, but I seriously need a new bed.

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