Why the AAA Property Team is so awesome

So this came about after I decided that I was going to wear a tie everyday to work for the hell of it:

I think we can all agree that the gentleman in the yellow had the best “funny” face. Upon voting and being told this, his reply was:

I’m not sure how I feel about “winning” the funny face contest!?  Possible explanations for the expression on my face might include:

– That’s not my funny face.  That’s my regular face.  Regular just looks funny where my face is concerned.

– Does it worry anybody else that I look horrified and Mustafa looks happy?  Is there a correlation?

– Did anyone else see Mustafa’s monkey slap me across the face right before the picture was snapped?

– That expression is the expression I had on my face this morning when I read Mustafa’s note about Alen being out of the office today.

– That expression is the expression I always have on my face when Christian’s eyes roll into the back of his head.

ps:  I had no idea that Amrita belonged to a gang.  Until today.

pps:  My thanks to all who wore ties today!  It was fun to join forces and Windsor knots to pull a prank on Alen … even if he wasn’t here to enjoy it.

Thank you,

Oh yeah, by the way, Kimball is the Property Team Executive.

Man, the things you miss when you take a day off to study.

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