This is Why You Don’t Set Future Drink-Offs While Drunk

Rules found in a text file named “20120511rulescindylincannotbackout.txt” on my office computer:

Cindy promises to get Lu to pay.
Lin wants to bring husband.
Cindy will bring Dave just in case Lu does not pay.
Ray will bring other Dave
Wei will bring 3rd Dave.
Mustafa will watch the show with Vivian (Luna’s ex-roommate)
“Dave” or Lu will pay
Girls and Guys are equal
Cindy notes thats Alen is sweating.
(Loser or Lu) pays.
Lin warns Alen of possibility of selling house
Alen warns Cindy of possibility of having significant lump sum to pay.
Lin will most likely pay (see is from inner mongolian <<<<<< real mongolian)
Lin will bring Mao Tai.
Lin requests contingencies, Alen disagrees. Cindy needs dictionary. Alen sucks.

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