Taiwan! – Day Two

Today is gonna be extremely picture heavy for 2 reasons:

1) I went for a morning walk around the hotel I stayed at – super nice.

2) Nightmarket in 高雄!

Itinerary: 日月潭云品酒店 – 日月潭边 – 赤莰楼 – 台南 – 延平郡王祠  – 高雄 – 六合夜市 – 爱河 – 高雄莲潭国际酒店

Some other things of note:

1) I heard about 槟榔西施 (pretty women selling betelnuts) in Tainan, so I decided to look around. Found a couple betelnut stands but all owned by 大妈 (imagine Susan Boyle). Am I doing something wrong?

2)  I think I’m going to start reading more about Taiwanese history.

3) I want a blunderbuss (saw one at the museum that did not allow photography)

4) 90% of females in Tainan wear mouth masks with varied designs. Is this a new fad?

5) 5 was added in here because I like round numbers and 4 didn’t cut it for me.

Until next time!

One thought on “Taiwan! – Day Two

  1. James says:

    Answer to myster of the day: you were farting.

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