Dear Republicans,

How can you guys be voting for these candidates? Is it just me or did the whole republican party just go full retard? If you’re Republican based on morals, know that the morals of the country will not disappear in 4 years (especially with the Supreme Court the way it is right now), but your Republican candidates are seriously putting the economic future of the nation in jeopardy. Please don’t perpetuate ignorance in America.


On a lighter note – Swype for some good laughs:

Andrew Lee: Badajoz
Andrew Lee: LOL wtf
Me: that would be the easiest to manage nutrients
Andrew Lee: Hahaha became badajoz
Me: wtf is that
Andrew Lee: What the hell is a badajoz and whys it in my dictionary
Me: wtf are you typing to people
Me: oh shit
Andrew Lee: Rofl
Me: its the capital of the province of badajoz
Me: in the autonomous community of Extremadura, Spain
Me: WTF is this
Andrew Lee: LOL
Andrew Lee: Swype is so smart
Andrew Lee: Wed
Andrew Lee: Wtf
Me: i swear you have just discovered a lost continent

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