We continue to make breakthroughs

me: haha yeah
okafor is ridiculous so far
so is ibaka
Andrew: but only 12 ppg i think
man these africans
with african names giving them power
me: LOL
they should merge
Andrew: garnett gets his africa power by grunting instead of talking
me: form OKABAKA
Andrew: and being super black
me: they’ll probably lose their powers
Andrew: and together theyd get 80% fg and 20 rebounds per game
me: and turn japanese
Andrew: lmao
and start hitting home runs
Andrew: and we’d be like what the fuck just happened
me: the refs would be like, why are they carrying bats
and the manu would come over
Andrew: LOL
he hits a home run
me: and swat the bat out of their hand
Andrew: and their score goes up
and the commentators are just like WTF IS GOING ON

In case you guys didn’t get the manu – bat reference:
Manu vs. Bat

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