I don’t get how stores work anymore.

So, I was at my local Rite-Aid trying to find some AAA batteries. Since I basically only needed the batteries to test something and our house was out of AAA, I decided to just grab whatever the cheapest AAA batteries were. So first, I saw 4 Rite-aid brand AAA for $3.99 and was gonna grab that; however my eyes browsed a little further and I saw an 8-pack of the same batteries for $3.99. And just as I was gonna grab those, i saw a pack of 8-pack with 4 bonus batteries (12-pack) for $3.99 right next to them. So now i’m just thinking what the hell so I double checked the price tag with each corresponding pack and, yep, each pack matched. So now, confused by what the store is trying to sell me, I picked up the 12 pack and went to pay at the cashier. However, instead of ringing me up, she took out this newspaper coupon that had a 12-pack of Duracell batteries for $7.50 and tried to convince me that it was a better buy.

“Are you sure you don’t wanna buy these, they’re just a dollar more for 4 more batteries!”

So now I’m just really confused thinking: that’s a 12-pack, I have a 12-pack. Unless shes gonna slip me 4 more batteries under the table, I really don’t see what shes talking about. But since she said it was a $1 more, I was thinking oh, so these Rite-Aid batteries were priced incorrectly or something. I thanked her and went with the cheaper batteries since I didn’t really need them for anything extreme (and had no idea what she was trying to sell me). So after a bit more of “you sure you don’t want these?”, she rings me up…

… and it was $3.99. WTF IS GOING ON.

So, maybe to conclude:

1) You can’t sell a 4 pack of batteries, an 8 pack of batteries and a 12 pack of batteries for the same price. There has to be some law on this.
2) $7.50 – $1 = $6.50 =/= $3.99
3) 12 = 12, 12 =/= 12 + 4.

One thought on “I don’t get how stores work anymore.

  1. You totally owned that cashier.

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