Because we live in continuous time, the probability of any event occurring at any given time is zero.

Yet, it still happens – it happens all the time.

Everything, when coupled with a probability measure of occurrence time, is impossible. Even things in which we can limit to happen within the next second, next millisecond, can be broken down into a range of picoseconds, yoctoseconds – making an impossibility for it to occur at any given point in time. But, undoubtedly, the event still occurs. We observe it and we can even ascribe a specific point in time, limited only by the power of our tools and our comprehension. The world does not stop its spin and the universe flows on with no regard, hardly noticing that a statistical anomaly has just occurred and more are on the way.

In fact, with every specific point in time, we observe endless impossibilities – a cold breeze, a rustled leaf, a tingling in the fingers, a stray thought in the mind – all which, in a microscopic scale, could have randomly happened within the next second, next nanosecond, next femtosecond. And thus, we obtain uncountably many impossibilities – much like any random interval in the real numbers. And perhaps, we will stop and think and try to understand such paradoxes that perplex us.

And, finally, we will realize, impossibility is certainty.

3 thoughts on “Impossibilities

  1. Anonymous says:

    Are you sure you've taken analysis

  2. Alen Gong says:

    Apparently not the kind you have, care to share?

  3. Anonymous says:

    a probability distribution over time is always more confusing than over… update quite often, man….from my pt of view…

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