1) The 10:20 51 Bus at Haste and College on Sundays DNE
2) It takes about 15 to get to Oakland Coliseum from Berkeley BART, but leave 30 minutes for travel in case some BART train in Bayfair needs maintenance.
3) AirBART always waits for 2 BART trains worth of people unless the first one is enough to fill it up.
4) Southwest stops printing boarding passes 10 minutes ahead of time and they print passes where you have to to go to a customer service station to get your boarding pass printed.
4. Corollary) Check in the night before.

Theorem: Leaving at 10:05 AM to catch a 12:10 PM flight without checking in previously results in a 1:35 PM flight.

One thought on “Remarks

  1. James says:

    that was actually pretty funny. i loled for realz.

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